Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Salon... Our Lady of the Lost and Found

As I keep saying... I am the mother of an aspiring Canadian Author. So, in turn when the task is to read a book that won an award, it was an obvious choice for me to choose one of our Canadian authors, one who won an award.  Our Lady of the Lost and Found somehow found itself on my TBR pile.  I do not remember how or when I acquired it, but there it was *for my reading pleasure.  And, yes it had received the Governor Generals Award.  It was a total surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And thought, yes, you should have been rewarded.  I had every intention of passing it along to another Canadian Author reader, but I just as yet need to keep it.  Well bonus,  as I mention in my previous post, I went to a presentation regarding Door of Hope Dolls and the Boxer years.  Well these years were mentioned in this book.  Now I need to know more about those years.

To me a good book is one that keeps you thinking, or wanting to know more.  While I am a practicing Catholic, I learned a lot from this book, good things.  Thank You so much to this wonderful author.

* many friends and acquaintances know I need to support Canadian authors, just because I want my child to earn enough to feed himself, so I often get books from them, and just plop them on the TBR pile.

My parents always said, you learn all your life and die stupid, ( course translation), it does not sound so crass in Polish.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

It's a wrap...

I belong to a number of groups from painting to antiques.  Last evening we had our last meeting of the Canadian Antique and Collectors group.  The presentation was on "Door of Hope Dolls".  Who knew these existed.  I often watch Antiques Road Show, when I'm ironing".  Never have I seen these treasures.  What an interesting history, and unfortunate history, but interesting.  So I came home and googled...
You'll never believe how much this is on e bay for. Upwards of 8,000. It was obvious that the presenter/collector was passionate about her collection, but she also had a bag of money.  While I'm not much of a collector of any particular item,  it's really an expensive obsession.  I love the historical portion of this creation, but, I'm sure I won't come into contact with any of these creations. 

Over the summer, my main focus is to reduce my collections.  Downsizing as they say,  I'm not so successful at this task, but I'll keep trying.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A little something I've been working on...

Way back in January I started to work on this "china cabinet".  It was in rough shape, the shelf was split, the bottom support broken in two, and much of the veneer on the sides was bubbled and missing.
As I planned to use this in my studio, to replace some of my flood damaged bookcases, I took the top design off, fixed the bottom brace and stripped it all.  It was smelly, so I also used a product to seal it and get rid of that smell.  It worked.
I still plan on etching the glass that goes in the door there, as soon as I can find it, I put it in a safe place.  I'm most pleased with the results. The painted areas are the ones that were most damaged and veneer missing,  I'm not so good at replacing veneer.  So... here she be

Everything's coming up roses

I'm always so pleased when my morning coffee has this lovely view...
the last few days have been very hot, so I've been watering very slowly at the base of these babies, and they treated me this morning with lovely blooms.  I hate the way that wall looks behind them but, haven't come up with something to improve that.  

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Salon...

I'm doing some painting... a chair.  I've put Anne on the TV while I do so. A thought occurred to me,  I wonder if after watching this show the Children's Aid Society get request for adoption of orphans. 

I've never read the book Anne of Green Gables, terrible Canadian. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday 56...

I've been in a reading slump lately, not able to focus, but this book got me out of that.  I remember the incident of the Shoe Shine Boy well.  My husband had just started with the police dept. and this was such a shocking crime,  it just didn't happen, but it did.  Now it seems to happen way too often, horrible.  How ugly the world can be. 

Friday 56 is hosted by Freda.

here it is...

Suddenly Amilcar came into the garage.  He lived on Palmerston, but his laneway was shared with Euclid, one block over.  Amilcar was nine when he came to Canada.  His family had com from mainland Portugal, as he never failed to remind us dirty Azoreans.  My mother told us that he was only a boy and that he didn't really know what he was saying, that he was only repeating what he heard from his parents.  I knew he said it because he was an asshole.  Even though he was fourteen now he was in our class.  He had been held back a year when he first arrived and then he failed the following year.

This is a coming of age story, set in a very difficult time in Toronto.  If you think bullying is something new,  think again.  

Happy Reading

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Salon...

 Well my companion here is getting rather spoiled. I've been sitting with him for a few weeks now. I'm finally starting to shake that nasty flu.  I haven't opened a book all month so my Ireland reading Challenge will be slightly delayed. I know the clip art says 2013, but I cannot think of how to make it 2017.  The neurons are not firing up just yet.
Even the painting of treasure boxes is somewhat remedial.  I have however, pinterested my self silly.
I'm overflowing with ideas, that my body is not ready to execute.  Well enough said. 

We've had a great deal of Yonge St. news in the daily report, reminded me of that very horrific crime committed many years ago.  I was so nieve I couldn't imagine why anyone would hurt a child.  Well, I decided to read a book written, in which the crime was interwoven.  Kicking the Sky.

There's a huge controversy going on in our area, about Staff less libraries.  
The mayor at some point said libraries are just used by "seniors" can you imagine.I'd also like to remind him who votes.    And yet, the Hamilton library boasts the highest readers in the province.   So unless the city is filled with seniors, the mayor needs to get his facts straight.  There are some services that are indispensable. 

Just thought I'd ask,  how often do you use a library?  I'm trying to reduce my "stuff", so I use a library quite often, once or twice a week.  I walk to the library, so it's my work out as well.

Happy Reading everyone.