Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday nap

This poor little guy, he's so confused, his boy Dan,  came home the other day (he doesn't live with us anymore) and all he wanted was to borrow the car.  Forget about is cat... The cat has now spend most days in his old room, WAITING, and then to top if off His dad worked nights... what's going on... the family is suppose to sleep here, HERE, I can't sleep without everyone at home.  So I'm so tired.  I'm too old for all this confusion.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Snapshot Saturday...Snow angel

Today is one of those days you wish you could do this... this is my snow angel DANiel.  It's very hot.  Even the AC isn't helping, so I keep taking breaks...

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Theme Thursday... birds

I missed posting this week on "Monday, What are you Reading" as I was almost finished this book.  I like historical romance/murder mysteries.  This was not really either of those.  However, it does illustrate quite clearly how fine lines are drawn between enemies  One day you are studying in Oxford, the next you are the Komandant of a POW camp. Trust is a big issue here, as well.

I've been clearing and cleaning most of my adult life, and I'm not sure I'll ever be done, but this week as I was looking (and organizing) I discovered that I must like birds more than I knew, I knew I liked flowers, but birds would have not been on my most favorite thing, and yet I've painted quite a few pieces of birds or bird houses, and now I was reading about a bird man, in a prisoner of war camp.  Hmmm... maybe I'll get some binoculars.   There was a small part in  the book that sort of jolted me, regarding a young soldier whistling (something I have never been able to do).  I guess you could like to listen or NOT.
this is a little piece I did back in April.  Who knew, I liked birds.

When we were growing up we always had a canary in the house.  I can remember one time my mom was translating a document for my husband's court case and the bird just loved her so much he sang as soon as she entered the room.  I don't know in which room we were in, but the darn bird kept singing his heart out, and  on tape you can clearly hear him singing.  The judge had questions?  I can imagine my husband stuttering along trying to explain.

Anyway,  Evening Song, is a quick read, the story moves along very well, it's a sad story, a difficult time in the lives of all concerned.  The birds are the  gift.


Resigned to living out the Second World War in a German POW camp, James Hunter, an English officer, begins studying a pair of redstarts near the camp. His interest in the birds captures the attention of the Kommandant and gives James cause to fear for his life.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tag you're IT!

 I've been tagged by Vicki  

Reading Habits questionnaire.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
I read mostly on public transit,  I travel quite a bit and it's boring, so I read, if the book is really getting good, I'll read in my living room. Use to read before bed in my youth, sometimes under the blankets with a flashlight, but now I just fall asleep, although some books I've read keep you up at night.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Mostly bookmarks, but I usually don't have one just when I need it,  I might add I have quite a collection.

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?
I can stop after a paragraph if I have to, but would rather stop at the end of a chapter.

Do you eat or drink while reading?
If the book is really good and I'm reading at home, it's a large cup of tea, and sometimes if it's going to be a late night, I'll bake for the occasion.

Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?
I find listening to music very distracting, some time I'll watch TV/ and read.

One book at a time or several at once?
Always one book at a time, never mastered the art of multiple reads.

Reading at home or everywhere?
I read anywhere and usually do.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?
I read silently, although I do express emotion, like crying in public.

Do you read ahead or even skip pages?
I don't skip, although I do share some small bit on pg. 56 of the book I'm currently reading in my Friday 56 post, sometimes I haven't started yet, as I usually and for no real reason, start a book on Friday.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new.

Do you write in your books?
No No No! Never have, never will!  Although of late I've been using sticky notes on significant pages or to look up things.

I'm not going to tag anyone, BUT I think this makes a great post, perhaps you'd like to play along

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday 56... The Evening Song

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that's ok.)
 *Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it)
*Post it.
*Add your (url) post below in Linky. Add the post url, not your blog url. 
*It's that simple.

Here's mine:

"James Stands very still.  He doesn't want the bees to see him.  He is afraid of being stung."

Yesterday, I was doing some furniture stripping, and was listening to the CBC programs,  They do a short story read and so on, but mostly they were interviewing researchers on the disappearance of bees.  So when I read this line, I figured, aren't we all afraid of being stung, and yet apparently the disappearance of bees is a huge environment disaster.  So instead of killing that bee in your garden you are suppose to plant more flowers to encourage bees to pollinate.  HMMM! they don't seem to bother me, but they love S. Vincent.

Freda is the hostess of Friday 56

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Snapshot Saturday...

The hunt for the perfect cow continues...
probably the closes I'm going to get...
she just couldn't look at me straight on, she had to turn...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday 56... The Red Tent

The Red Tent

"Jacob saw her suffering and gathered her to him with greatest tenderness.  And after all the years, all the nights, all the miscarriages and broken hopes, Rachel found delight in his arms. "

*Grab a book, any book.
*Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
(If you have to improvise, that's ok.)
 *Find any sentence, (or few, just don't spoil it)
*Post it.

Freda is the host of Friday 56, but she's getting married so she's a little busy.  Have a wonderful Day Freda.