Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Salon...

 Well my companion here is getting rather spoiled. I've been sitting with him for a few weeks now. I'm finally starting to shake that nasty flu.  I haven't opened a book all month so my Ireland reading Challenge will be slightly delayed. I know the clip art says 2013, but I cannot think of how to make it 2017.  The neurons are not firing up just yet.
Even the painting of treasure boxes is somewhat remedial.  I have however, pinterested my self silly.
I'm overflowing with ideas, that my body is not ready to execute.  Well enough said. 

We've had a great deal of Yonge St. news in the daily report, reminded me of that very horrific crime committed many years ago.  I was so nieve I couldn't imagine why anyone would hurt a child.  Well, I decided to read a book written, in which the crime was interwoven.  Kicking the Sky.

There's a huge controversy going on in our area, about Staff less libraries.  
The mayor at some point said libraries are just used by "seniors" can you imagine.I'd also like to remind him who votes.    And yet, the Hamilton library boasts the highest readers in the province.   So unless the city is filled with seniors, the mayor needs to get his facts straight.  There are some services that are indispensable. 

Just thought I'd ask,  how often do you use a library?  I'm trying to reduce my "stuff", so I use a library quite often, once or twice a week.  I walk to the library, so it's my work out as well.

Happy Reading everyone.

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