Sunday, September 10, 2017

Saturday Snapshot... recycle cycle

When my kids were little, a long time ago, they use to watch some children's program that had a re cycle portion, and a little ditty would come up with "re cycle cycle" and some very unusual concoctions would appear.  Well I watch too... I was one of those hovering moms that watched and read everything my kids did, or at least the ones I knew they were reading.  It's only now that they are men, that they choose "stuff" for themselves.  I always felt if they were watching something I didn't approve of, we should "talk about it, and discuss, why they shouldn't watch it", this is not to say I didn't change the channel, I still do that.  I did want them however, to make wise choices,(if those wise choices didn't meet my wise choice, the book got returned, or the channel got changed anyway) and just saying " I don't want to watch it" or read it... or take part.  I hope it is true today.  HOPE!

Anyway, can't remember if I posted this earlier, but I recycled a little case, I suspect it was one of those portable record players.  It's little, maybe 9 inches by 12 inches. cute eh!  I lined it with burlap and now I'm going to figure out how I can add a pocket inside to hold my upholstery pins.  I always seem to stick my  hand into my tool box and stick a pin into it, or pierce myself with the tack remover.  AND  it's so cute!  Happy Snapshot Saturday

Hat Tip to Judy Westegaard -Jenkins (suitcase design) Madagascar Moth


Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

What a good idea!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Your really a star of the "waste not, want not" tribe! I love seeing your makeovers.

Jenny said...

That is a darling little case, dear Irene, and it will only get cuter and more useful in your capable hands. I like your take on being an involved parent: talk and explain, but in the end, you win. Haaahahaha xoxo