Friday, September 22, 2017

What would you like...

I'm an lover of anything old, "who I'm married to is proof of that". but I've always loved old furniture, and old dishes and old... anything Well I've just been reading Miss Mustard Seed I've always wanted a goat cart.  I had no idea what a goat cart is.  But, I soon saw one.  I can't honestly say I need one.  But, if anyone sees a library card catalogue, I'm interested. Not sure what I'll use it for, but that's another post.  Does it take a special person to like old thing, I'm sure it does.  I've always wondered, who sat at the table I'm polishing, or who sat here, or who ate off this lovely plate, or baked a great cake and presented it to someone special.  History, it's an important part of my interests.  I was quite young when I started to like these things, and the relationship grows. 
This is a piece my neighbor gave me when I was very young, he's long passed and  I'll never forget his kindness.  I was working on a chair yesterday, and it's very old and unique as well.  Why do these things last so long, when my chairs recently purchased are see their "best before date" soon.

Happy days.

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Jenny said...

Your interest in history lends your work a certain mystique, dear Irene! Something tells me your ancestral line is stuffed with creative, inventive, inquisitive, talented folks. And you're just carrying the torch forward. xoxo

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